Monday, May 19, 2014

Little Miss Fig-gy: Diptyque Philosykos and Laura Mercier Fresh Fig Souffle Body Creme

Growing up in Manila, Philippines, my only experience with figs was snacking on Fig Newtons. It was only later in life that I discovered that these little munchies (the fruit, not the cookie sandwiches) actually smelled great as a body scent.

I have to admit when I was in my early twenties, I have always passed the Diptyque fragrance counter at the local department stores without giving it much thought. Wow, little did I know that I was missing a lot. In the recent years, when I started to read perfume blogs and fora, I began to notice the brand Diptyque, and with that, the inevitable mention of one of its bestselling fragrances, “Philosykos”. For those in the know, Philosykos is one of the most popular fig-note based perfumes.
Open mind in tow, I trudged on over to the Diptyque fragrance counter in Rustan’s. The lovely SA spritzed on some Philosykos on a paper strip and on my wrist. At first sniff, I was immediately transported to the middle of my elementary school lawn after an afternoon rainshower, with the smell of damp earth and freshly cut grass blended with sweet notes I cannot quite describe.  After a few minutes the verdant notes die down a bit, and subtle sweet creamy notes settle on my skin (Could it be the "milky flavor of the fruit" the Diptyque website describes?). Okay. I loved it! I snagged the bottle right there and then.

My Diptyque Philosykos in the old bottle packaging.

Diptyque Philosykos in the new bottle design.
Diptyque Philosykos is a unique, beautiful scent! In my experience, it is not for everyone, nor do I find that I can wear it anytime (when I wear it on hot, humid days, the scent becomes cloying and quite sickening, and prefer to spritz it on a cool, windy day, or before I go to bed). Nevertheless, it is an unusual, woody, fruity and fresh scent, all at the same time.

Having discovered that figs smell wonderful, I ventured into trying Laura Mercier’s iteration in the body soufflĂ© form. Equally beautiful, but in my opinion more universally appealing, Laura Mercier Sweet Fig body soufflĂ© smells lovely and layers so well with Diptyque Philosykos.  The LM creation, I find, when combined with Philosykos, actually makes the latter more appealing to me. Not to mention that the quality of the body creme is excellent, not at all greasy and makes the skin so sooo soft! Definitely repurchasing this combo when I run out!

Laura Mercier Fresh Fig Souffle Body Creme is YUM-O.
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Okay. Now I've got a hankering for some Fig Newtons.
Nabisco Fig Newtons. Does anyone know where I can still get these???